Perfect Stride Physical Therapy (PSPT) was created with a vision of providing premier individualized patient care based on cutting-edge practices to the Union Square neighborhood of NYC.

We’re an outpatient orthopedic group that delivers 50+ minute, one-on-one treatment sessions with state-licensed physical therapists. Perfect Stride patients are not simply treated as a diagnosis or given a standardized treatment approach. Instead, we seek to determine the root cause of your symptoms and develop a tailor-made treatment approach aimed at creating a confident and active participant in the recovery process.

We’re physical therapists that straddle the spectrum of rehab and performance. Wherever you are in your movement journey, we’ll get you back to doing what it is that defines you. Whether you’re vising us through direct access or we’re collaborating closely with your referring physician, our experienced physical therapy crew has the rehab and performance background to meet your demands.
Check out our Services page for more on our philosophy, and the Wellness to take your game to the next level.

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is the use of physical methods - versus pharmaceutical or surgical intervention - to relieve pain, restore movement, strength and function, and aide in the prevention and/or treatment of injuries and disabilities.

Physical therapy also educates individuals on ergonomics, body mechanics, fitness and wellness related issues.


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