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… and you may end up in Physical Therapy. Not only are you in pain, but you have to take time out of your busy day for appointments during which you only get 15 minutes with your physical therapist before your care is put in the hands of support staff. Perfect Stride Physical Therapy was founded out of these frustrations, offering one-on-one sessions with a Doctor of Physical Therapy in the Union Square neighborhood of New York City. Whether you are an athlete or a stay at home parent, our approach gives you the individualized care that you need to be successful! We give you the attention and tools needed to successfully overcome injury and return to the activities you love most.




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Christian, Pro Soccer Player

Christian entered our office following surgery after dealing with chronic knee pain for several years - a common issue with athletes competing in sports with frequent changes of direction.  By focusing on rehab and performance Christian was able to conquer his pain and get back to what he was truly passionate about.

Christian was an integral member of the 2016 Premier League Champion Leicester City FC, where he continues to play today. In that season he led the Premier League in tackles and finished second in interceptions. Previously, he was captain of the Austrian national soccer team before retiring from international play. Watch the video to learn how we got Christian back in the game.

“I lived in chronic neck & back pain for about 4 years. I had one surgery and few years of physical therapy including shots in my spine, shoulders & knees. Nothing was helping, I was suffering from depression, loss of sleep & had made up my mind to have a second surgery... After only the second week of therapy at perfect stride I started to feel relief. It's been about 4 months now and I am feeling so much better, I even canceled the surgery! I feel so happy with my progress.”


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Brett, Pro Kickboxer

Brett came to us with shoulder pain after training and fighting in a professional Muay Thai competition.  The pain was actively interfering with Brett's ability to progress up the ranks in the Muay Thai world and seriously threatened his ability to compete and recover from this intensely demanding sport.

Watch the video to learn how we addressed Brett's issues and returned him to the ring where he now ranks as one of the top professional Muay Thai boxers in the sport.

“From the beginning to end, Perfect Stride PT makes sure you are their top priority. I left each session feeling motivated and optimistic about my progress, and knew I could call or email with any concerns before my next session... The staff at Perfect Stride, absolutely incredible is the only way to describe them. Not only were they some of the most upbeat and nicest people i've met, they were also incredibly professional... I know this place was supposed to be a rehabilitation clinic for my elbow, but I found myself looking forward to each visit. It was genuinely bittersweet to graduate.

- Erin



At Perfect Stride we believe in client education and empowerment. We believe that education is for everyone.

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