Perfect Stride Physical Therapy (PSPT) was created with a vision of providing premier individualized patient care based on cutting-edge practices to the Union Square neighborhood of NYC.

Through our 50+ minute, one-on-one treatment sessions with state-licensed physical therapists, Perfect Stride patients receive a specialized and personal rehabilitation experience that maximizes results.

Coupled with a staff that remains at the forefront of evidence-based practice, our patients are achieving their goals and recovering quicker!


What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is the use of physical methods - versus pharmaceutical or surgical intervention - to relieve pain, restore movement, strength and function, and aide in the prevention and/or treatment of injuries and disabilities.

Physical therapy also educates individuals on ergonomics, body mechanics, fitness and wellness related issues.


Why Perfect Stride?

Our experienced team has multiple years of experience in rehabilitating a wide variety of orthopedic and musculoskeletal related injuries while optimizing return to sport performance and emphasizing injury prevention.

Working closely with your referring physician, we are committed to a common goal of empowering our patients and ensuring you receive only the highest of quality care.

Our facilities and state of the art equipment are carefully chosen and designed to promote a natural healing environment.

At Perfect Stride you are not simply treated as a diagnosis or given a standardized treatment approach, instead we seek to provide our patients with a tailor made treatment program specific to their individual symptoms and impairments.

As a result, you are not just a patient, but an active participant in your own recovery!