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Interested in a running analysis?  We've got your needs covered!

Whether you're a competitive or recreational runner, we can help you improve your performance while reducing your risk of injury. 

Using our state of the art Landice treadmill, DorsaVi wearable motion sensor technology, and high-speed 2D video assessment, we are able to obtain a window into your unique running biomechanics and develop an individualized training plan to reach your peak performance.

Below is what we offer, there are two Running Analysis packages to choose from:


    What's OFFERED:

    1) History

    • We begin every visit with a detailed history.
    • We want to know about you! Knowing how you train, what goals you have, as well as past medical history and injuries are crucial to our customizing a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.   

    2) Full Body Musculoskeletal Screen

    • We will perform a series of tests and measures designed to identify asymmetries and imbalances that can effect your running economy and have been shown to increase your risk of injury. 

    3) Running Analysis

    • Multi-Angle and Frame-by-Frame video gait analysis.
    • Dorsavi analysis to determine your running efficiency and mechanics. 
    • Full discussion/education on what is found in the assessment.

    4) Running Program Review

    • We discuss your current training trends and help you develop strategies to improve performance and decrease risk of injury.

    5) Corrective Exercise

    • Based on the testing and data collected, we will give you exercises that you can start today that are specific to helping you run more efficiently. 

    6) Custom mobility program

    • Movement enhancement drills to improve running form and economy.

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