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One-on-One Treatment Tailor Made Specific to Your Symptoms and Impairment. Watch what others are saying about Perfect Stride. 

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Maximize Your Results

Our team has multiple years of experience in rehabilitating a wide variety of orthopedic and musculoskeletal related injuries while optimizing return to sport performance and emphasizing injury prevention. Through our 50+ minute, one-on-one treatment sessions with state-licensed physical therapists, Perfect Stride patients receive a specialized and personal rehabilitation experience that maximizes results.

We also offer specialized wellness programs for post rehabilitation, injury prevention, health, and athletic performance enhancement so you can reach your physical goals!

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Two things set this place apart: It’s completely one on one. No assistants, no aides, no multiple clients. You get the undivided attention of an expert physical therapist for the duration of your session... The therapists are always working to improve and deepen their practice. They don’t trot out a formula to solve your problem. They instead draw from a broad and ever evolving range of techniques, in a personalized way, to attack it from every angle.

- Michael