Running Performance


Running programs managed by experienced and run-coach certified physical therapists

All of your running needs under one roof in a controlled, progressive, and evidence based setting. Perfect Stride offers Running Assessments with 1-on-1 consultations, individualized day to day training plans, and run-specific strength training to develop a complete running package.

Individualized Coaching

We offer two packages to cover your training needs. Both packages utilize TrainingPeaks, a powerful training log capable of syncing with most fitness tracking devices, available online or on your phone.

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In-Clinic & Remote Gait Analysis

IN-CLINIC GAIT ANALYSIS: Using our state of the art Landice treadmill, running analysis using DorsaVi wearable motion sensor technology, and high-speed 2D video assessment, we are able to obtain a window into your unique running biomechanics and develop an individualized training plan to reach your peak performance.

REMOTE GAIT ANALYSIS: Perform a gait analysis from anywhere in the world & receive results directly to your email. A follow-up phone call or email correspondence following the analysis will leave you with questions answered, and an informed baseline assessment for your training going forward.

Watch the short video below for more info on performing the gait analysis remotely:


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