Patient Testimonials


Brett, Pro Kickboxer

Brett came to us with shoulder pain after training and fighting in a professional Muay Thai competition.  The pain was actively interfering with Brett's ability to progress up the ranks in the Muay Thai world and seriously threatened his ability to compete and recover from this intensely demanding sport.

Watch the video to learn how we addressed Brett's issues and returned him to the ring where he now ranks as one of the top professional Muay Thai boxers in the sport.

Danny, Pro Skateboarder

Danny was in a bad accident that left him with two broken legs and subsequent surgeries in an attempt to merely get him to walk again.  It did not seem likely Danny would ever return to skateboarding, but through hard work and determination he has returned to professional skateboarding and further reports that he is able to do all his old tricks without any pain or fear.

Watch the video to see Danny's amazing story.

Christian, Pro Soccer Player

Christian entered our office following surgery after dealing with chronic knee pain for several years - a common issue with athletes competing in sports with frequent changes of direction.  By focusing on rehab and performance Christian was able to concur his old pain and get back to what he was truly passionate about.

Christian is currently captain for the Austrian national soccer team and reports that he's playing even better than before, including a terrific display for his club team in the UEFA Champions League.  His improved agility and mobility has allowed him to maneuver around opponents more efficiently.  Watch the video to learn how we got Christian back in the game.

Emmett S.

Vikash has been more than I could have asked for, helping me first recover from my basketball related ACL surgery, and secondly helping me transition back into athletic shape. He is very knowledgeable, easy to work with and pushes me to push myself. Highly recommended.


Lauren S.

I came to Perfect Stride for shoulder rehabilitation after spending 3 months in a much larger practice where I was one of many patients sharing an appointment time with one physical therapist. I found that the rate of my progress and recovery sped up greatly when I came to Perfect Stride, where I had one on one physical therapy for an entire appointment. I found I was able to interact more with my physical therapist and be more involved with the process, instead of simply going through the motions. The staff is knowledgeable, dedicated, and friendly.


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