Wellness is a conscious, self directed or assisted, process of achieving your full potential.  It is multi-dimensional, encompassing holistic methods & lifestyle adaptations while being positive and affirming with the goal of creating optimal health and empowering individuals to stay healthy. - National Wellness Institute


Personal Training


Rehabbing from an injury and not sure how to properly return to sport, exercise or activities?

Spinning your wheels in the gym with an regimented program, and not seeing the results you were hoping for?

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Want to decrease your chances of injury while improving your functional mobility?   Kinstretch is a specific system designed to improve your joint health while empowering you with the tools that allow you to assess your own body.  

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Running Assessment 

dorsaVi is a wireless sensor technology that tracks and measures how you move in real-time.

This technology allows us to analyze data that will help us make clinical decisions on risk of injury, guidelines for training, and to determine when you are safe to return to play. 

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Run Coaching


Get your running journey started or take your performance to the next level with our comprehensive running package. DorsaVi running analysis and individualized training plans by experienced and run-coach certified PTs ensure a properly managed, evidence based plan.