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  Klay Thompson’s ACL Injury

Yet Another Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury took place in the NBA when Golden State Warriors’ Shooting Guard, Klay Thompson landed awkwardly after going up for a layup during the 2019 NBA Finals. At 29 years old, Thompson is slightly on the older end of the mean age of the group analzed in the previous study. According to the study, a player’s performance did not significantly decline upon return to play.  However, in the first season back from ACL injury it is common to see a drop in overall performance, but in the season following, players usually return to their pre-injury levels.

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What the Decathlon Taught Me

I learned a lot over the last five years, of course, much of that has to do with completing my undergraduate education and going through Physical Therapy school. With that said, I feel I learned nearly just as much during my time spent on the track training and competing in the decathlon.

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