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Who is this program designed for?

These exercises are designed to help those who have dealt with injuries in the past, are new to exercising, or have struggled with mobility issues.  If you are looking for a better way to do things then this program is for you. 

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How Long Does each program last?

Every program is four weeks long.  It includes all the reps, sets, exercises, mobility work, etc. All you need to do is get to the gym, follow the workout and wait for the next one to hit your inbox!

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What equipment do I need for this workout?

Best case scenario is that you have access to medicine balls, kettlebells, dumbells, bands, barbells, benches, foam rollers, and lacrosse balls.  If you don't have these things, no worries!  We build different options into the programs so that you can get things done in any setting.  

We do recommend that you have your own sets of bands and a lacrosse ball.  These are heavily utilized within each program, and they are great tools to have for yourself! Click the link below to find where you can order yourself some!

Super Bands

Mini Bands

Lacrosse Ball

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What if there is an exercise I do not know how to do?

Each exercise in the program will have a 'how-to" video attached to it along with cues underneath each exercise in the pdf file so that you can better understand what you need to focus on. 

There are also built in regressions and progressions for most exercises so that you can choose your level of comfort throughout the program. In the event that you are still unsure about a particular exercise, please feel free to email us at so our Doctors of Physical Therapy can better assist you!


What do I do if I have pain?

If you have pain, choose a different exercise for the circuit, use one of the built in regressions.  Also you can decrease the amount of weight or how many reps and sets you are doing to stay OUT OF PAIN. If this does not alleviate your pain, please stop and seek out proper care.  

These programs are meant to help you improve your mobility, movement capacity, and strength.  They are not designed to diagnose or treat your injuries. As always consult with your doctor prior to beginning any new exercise program.