What You Need

  • A camera or other device to take video

  • Treadmill or overground space to run

  • A friend or setup to allow you to video while running

  • Watch the above video for details

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Remote Gait Analysis

Perform a gait analysis from anywhere in the world & receive results directly to your email. A follow-up phone call or email correspondence following the analysis will leave you with questions answered, and an informed baseline assessment for your training going forward.

What’s Included:

1) History

  • We begin with asking you about your running and injury history, we want to know about you! Knowing how you train, what goals you have, as well as past medical history and injuries are crucial to our customizing a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

2) Full Body Musculoskeletal Screen

  • you will video yourself performing a series of tests and measures designed to identify asymmetries and imbalances that may effect your running economy or impact your injury risk.

3) Running Analysis

  • You will video your own running to allow us to complete Multi-Angle video gait analysis.

4) Training Review

  • Discussion with you regarding current training trends to develop strategies to improve performance and decrease risk of injury.

5) Supplemental Strength and Mobility Program

  • Based on the testing and data collected, we will give you an exercise program that you can start today that are specific to helping you run more efficiently.

  • Movement enhancement drills to improve running form and economy

Price: $150

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