Running programs managed by experienced and run-coach certified physical therapists

All of your running needs under one roof in a controlled, progressive, and evidence based setting. Perfect Stride offers Running Assessments with 1-on-1 consultations, individualized day to day training plans, and run-specific strength training to develop a complete running package. We offer two packages to cover your training needs. Both packages utilize TrainingPeaks, a powerful training log capable of syncing with most fitness tracking devices, available online or on your phone.

Package 1

  • Email 1x/ week

  • Monthly Phone or Skype Session

  • Bi-Weekly Training Plan via Training Peaks

  • One Time Remote Gait Analysis


Package 2

  • Unlimited Email

  • Biweekly Phone or Skype Session

  • Monthly Strength Training Workouts

  • Bi-Weekly Training Plan via Training Peaks

  • One Time Remote Gait Analysis


Are you in the NYC area and starting up run coaching for the first time ever or in a while? Want to know more specifics about your running form? Add an hour long detailed Dorsavi Gait Analysis to any month of run coaching package! Call for more details

Gait Analysis

IN-CLINIC GAIT ANALYSIS: Using DorsaVi wearable motion sensor technology, and high-speed 2D video assessment, we are able to obtain a window into your unique running biomechanics.

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REMOTE GAIT ANALYSIS: Perform a gait analysis from anywhere in the world & receive results directly to your email. Follow-up correspondence following the analysis will leave you with questions answered, and an informed baseline assessment going forward.

Click Here to learn more about our remote Video Gait Analysis

Watch the short video for more info on performing the gait analysis remotely

Perfect Stride PT Run Club

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There are tens if not hundreds of run clubs throughout NYC and we invite you to try out as many as you can. PSPT Run Club was founded to provide high quality experiences for runners of all experience levels and paces who want to meet new people and learn more about training principles, movement prep and recovery, nutrition and more. All of our events are FREE, below are some of our most common ones:

  • Weekend Long Runs

  • Weeknight Strength or Track Workouts

  • Educational Sessions

  • … And more!!!!

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